Garden Gallery

Calumet & Arizona: enjoy the garden

Beginning in 2000, the existing outdoor space surrounding the Calumet & AZ Guest House and the owner's home next door was recreated as a spectacular experience in desert foliage and renewable resources. Completed in 2013, the pond, ramada and garden offer a relaxing area to be enjoyed by C&A's guests.

about the Calumet & Arizona gardens

A 500 gallon rainwater tank provides garden irrigation. Another 500 gallon tank recirculates water through a 4 foot deep Koi pond. A ramada at the rear of the garden area provides shelter from the sun and an area for serving tables in case you're hosting an event. The rear wall of the ramada incorporates adobe bricks that formed the original rear wall built in 1906. Winding pathways lead past the stream feeding the pond and through gardens with more than 100 different varieties of high desert foliage. Patio areas in the garden and on both sides of the Calumet & Arizona provide perfect surrounding for family gatherings, social events or merely settling into a comfortable chair while enjoying the quiet ambience.


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